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Nandi Sports

By WTSG, on 29, June, 2017

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Exercise & Fitness equipments

Treadmill / Elliptical / Upright bikes / decumbent bikes / racing bikes / strength equipment's / multi station gym


sports gear

Dumbbells, barbell rods, weight lifting machines, Wide range of football, cricket, volleyball,  basket ball,  badminton, hockey, boxing & karate, swimming, billiards, carom boards,
basketball , Soccer, volleyball, other balls, cricket, racquet sports, table tennis, skating, swimming, & accessories.
Fitness bottles, gloves, lifting belts / aids, Fitness belts, weight lifting, straps, wraps, straps, arm wrestling table, training, skip ropes, Door gym systems, gravity / resistance trainer, pull expander / latex loop, pushup systems, grip/wrist development, yoga, yoga/gym balls, floor mats, tiles, battling / climbing rope, tire / hammer, steppers, Ploy boxes, weighted products, strength bags / bibs, weighted balls, kettle bells, Olympic barbells, specialty barbells, trap bars, core training, barbell plates, barbell locks, pads, sleds, rigs, bags & more

health supplements


Nandi Sports
Nachan road, Benachity, Durgapur-713213
(0343) 2584078 / 9475938280 / 9832162883

Contact: Ashim Kr. Nandi

09:30AM - 09:30PM
Monday closed

Mode Of payment
Cash / Cards /  NEFT / Cheques

Tin no: 19806634089